Premium DNA

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Features of this package and great benefits of genetic testing:

Comprehensive reports on your genetics and body and each report has recommendations necessary
An integrated healthy life system based on your body that organizes for you your food, needs, exercise and mental health
Customized diet based on test results and your goal
Reducing stress, understanding yourself and your body, and improving sleep quality
Find out what works best for you and the best diet for your body and genetics
Prevention of chronic diseases
Control the amount of your food and what food choices suit you
Control of weight and fight obesity
Vitamins and minerals and determine what your body needs more to protect against deficiency
Appropriate exercise in terms of exercise intensity, type and duration of exercise, and determine what your body responds to best for faster results

The examination is done at home or anywhere by saliva swab from inside the cheek
Now the service is faster and results are faster than before


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